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'Preserving Our Heritage, 30 years of the Millet & District Historical Society' By Kathryn Ivany  $9.95'From a Signpost in a Slough' Stories of Early Millet'  By Jean Scott  $17.95

A Variety of Prints available by Ray Bindr (Artist of all of Millet's well known Murals)  $20.00'With Unshakeable Persistence, Rural Teachers of the Depression Era'  By Elizabeth McLachlan Introduction by Robert Kroetsch  $24.00'With Unfailing Dedication, Rural Teachers in the War Years'  By Elizabeth McLachlan  $24.00'Gone but not Forgetten, Tales of the Disappearing Grain Elevators'  By Elizabeth McLachlan  $24.95'Millet & District Historical Society Cook Book'  $4.95 CD:  Becky Moonen, Local Millet Talent  $18.00 Spoon Holder:  Millet & District Museum & Archives  $9.95 eachMugs:  Millet & District Museum & Archives  $11.95 each'All in a Lifetime, Newspapering and Other Pioneer Adventures' By Duke DeCoursey  $2.00'A Short History of Alberta'  $7.95






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