Millet's Christmas Tales: Christmas Food

Turkeys became popular to eat in Europe in the 1840/1850s, but didn’t become widespread until after the Second World War (1945).

In Millet in 1896, Christmas dinner included Christmas cakes, mince meat pie, roast beef and pork, lutefisk (dried/salted white fish), and other homemade Christmas treats.

Plum pudding and carrot pudding where common, as they could be cooked and preserved. Pumpkin pie was popular because pumpkins kept well.

Mincemeat pie was an annual tradition. By the 1930s, no meat was used in the pies; they were made of fruit and chopped suet (animal fat).

A traditional dinner for the Scandinavians in the area was rice, lutefisk, and sausage.

Popcorn balls with gumdrops were a common Christmas treat in the 1930s.

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