From Signpost in a Slough

From a SignPost in a Slough 

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About the Author, Jean Scott

Jean Harvey Scott was born five miles southwest of Millet. Millet and District has been home to her for all of her days. She recieved her education at Hillside School, the Millet High School, the Edmonton Normal School, and the University of Alberta. Upon graduation from Normal Schoolshe taught in the Sparling School east of Millet for two years and in Millet for 25 years.

Jean is a charter member of the Millet and District Historical Society and she was the editor of Tales and Trails of Millet, the History Book published by the Society in 1977. For the past two years she has written bi-weekly articles about early Millet in a column called "Museum Memo" in the 'Millet Pipestone Flyer' newspaper.

Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Millet's Early Years 6
The Calgary Edmonton Trail 7
Fishing at Pigeon Lake 8
The Millet Post Office 9
Porter Wright's Family 11
The Millet Hotel 13
Millet's First Overseer 15
Jack West's Merchantile Store Lot II Block 2 16
Lot 9 Block 2 18
A letter from Beth Mc Naughton 20
The IOOF Hall 22
Barney Koenen 24
Millet School 26
The Pillen Family 28
Millet's Railway Stations 29
Lot 10 Block III 30
The Nebraska Club 32
Millet Livery Barns 33
The Millet Telephone Office 35
Early Millet Restaurants 37
Millet Blacksmiths 40
Early Millet Doctors 42
Millet's First Business Block 43
Farm Machinery Agencies in Millet 45
The Millet Creamery garden 48
The Old Bank Building 50
Millet Rebekah Lodges 52
Vic's Garage 54
Millet Barbers 56
Millet Library 57
Pinyon's Hall 59
Millet Shoemakers 61
Millet Community Hall 63