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Millet's Heritage Tree  Millet's Heritage Tree 

Heritage Tree Project

The Heritage Tree Foundation has recognized the Heritage Tree in the Millet Cemetery in 2007. 

Database and Book was published in 2008. 

"Heritage means trees of particular interest by virtue of such qualities as age, size, shape, special interest, location and/or history. Trees may include individual trees, avenues, groves, shelterbelts, tree gardens, arboretum and sites of botanical or ecological interest."

Cemetery Day in Millet, Alberta.  Celebrating Our Heritage Tree!

 Pictured Above, Left to Right: Vivian Holtby, Eleanor Pydde, Darlene Tracy, Tracey Leavitt, Carol Sadoroszney, Jackie Peel, Arlene Swedberg and Laurie Linaker in 2007 Cemetery Directory Presentation. 

Pictured Above, Left to Right: Bill, Ellen and son Alvin Kemp on the Kemp Homestead for Heritage Tree Dedication. (2008)