Who We Are

The Jean Scott Archives is located in the Archives Room of the Millet Museum. The Archives is named after one of Millet's Pioneer Women, who was an integral part of MDHS, the creation of Tales and Trails of Millet, a member of the John A. Smith Manor board for many years, and the first volunteer archivist, whose hard work and dedication made the Archives what it is today.

Presently, we hold 84 fonds (Collections) with 74 metres of material. We hold 275 GB of photographs, and 256 MB of digital Archival material. These numbers are constantly growing. 

As part of the Museum, the Archives is overseen by the MDHS Board and Executive Director/Curator. Day-to-day operations at the Archives are completed by volunteers, summer staff, contract Archivists, and Interns. All Museum staff respond to Archives requests, and are trained in proper handling of materials.

We are a member of the Archives Society of Alberta.

What We Do

We Collect. 

We regularly accept new archival materials that represent meaningful contributions to the history and community of Millet & District. We do this through developing partnerships with local community organizations, accepting Intent to Donate forms through our website, and seeking out materials from individuals, families, and organizations. 

We hold items from the Town of Millet, various schools in the surrounding community, local clubs and societies, newspapers, local families, and Veterans.

We Describe and Store.

Our qualified staff members and volunteers carefully review and store materials in archival quality folders and boxes, in a climate-controlled room. We complete a minimum of 12 descriptive elements for each fonds, and regularly describe items in a similar manner. These descriptions are based on the Rules of Archival Description, and help us to retrieve items that are searched for. Often, we digitize items to preserve their content.

We Provide Access.

We collect materials to keep a record of the history of Millet & District. We also collect materials to provide access to researchers, families, legal bodies, etc. Archives are often turned to in times when archived legal documents are required. Researchers often turn to archives to find primary source information. Families and individuals use archives to develop genealogies, or to answer questions about family history. 

Have a question? Check out our Research page. 

Why We Are Important

Millet is a wonderful, historic Town, with a rich history of community spirit and hard work. The Archives endeavors to preserve as much of this history as possible. The Archives holds memories of Millet from generations past, and safely stores information that would otherwise be lost. We are here to serve the community, and to serve generations to come. 

cover photo: mdhs.