Below is a list of our Archival Collections (Fonds).

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 A1- Town of Millet

 A2- Millet School District No. 555

 A3- Millet School

 A4- Millet Women's Institute

 A5- Beth McNaughton

 A6- Tellim Women's Institute

 A7- Sunbeam Rebekah Lodge No. 112A 07 Sunbeam Rebekah Lodge No

 A8- Victor C. Rowley

 A9- Millet Board of Trade

 A10- Hillside Community Club

 A11- Municipal District of Big Stone No. 459

 A12- Millet Ladies Curling Club

 A13- Mulhurst Water Safety Club

 A14- Coal Lake School District No. 711

 A15- Wiesenthal School

 A16- Hillside School District No. 702

 A17- Wiesenthal Rural Mutual Telephone Co.

 A18- East Millet Mutual Telephone Co.

 A19- Townline Mutual Telephone Co.

 A20- Millet West Mutual telephone Company Ltd.

 A21- Millet 4-H Garden Club

 A22- Millet Curling Club

 A23- Returned Soldiers' Reception Committee

 A24- Glen Platt

 A25- Wetaskiwin School Division No. 36

 A26- Millet and District Recreational and Agricultural Society

 A27- West Liberty School Reunion

 A28- Hobart A. Dowler

 A29-Thomas H. Howes

 A30- Zion Lutheran Church

 A31- Alberta Wheat Pool

 A32- Ernest R ("CAP") Hoskins

 A33- Kinchella Family

 A34- Bell Family

 A35- Smith Family

 A36- Alvin Warnke

 A37- Karr Bros. Store

 A38- Gray Family

 A39- Gordon Douglas Fraser

 A40- Dorothy Wotherspoon

 A41- Mullen General Insurance

 A42.0- Millet and District Historical Society

 A42.1- Millet and District Historical Society Photograph Collection

 A42.2- Millet and District Historical Society Veterans' Portraits Collection

 A42.3- Millet and District Historical Society Historical Documents

 A42.4 Pioneer Women

 A43- Millet Tellim News

 A44- Wagner Family

 A45- Weir Family

 A46- Pigeon Valley Women's Institute

 A47- Golden Glow Women's Institute (Millet, AB)

 A48- Golden Glow Women's Institute Girls' Club

 A49- Millet Public Library

 A50- Normanna Lodge Sons of Norway- No.352

 A51- Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

 A52- Millet Minor Hockey Association

 A53- Vang Lutheran Church Ladies Aid

A54- United Grain Growers Company- Local 261

 A55- The Millet Packet

 A56- The Millet Bulletin

 A57- The Millet Media

 A58- The Millet Pipestone Flyer

 A59- Sparling School Division #2119

 A60- Mulhurst Women's Institute Girls' Club

 A61- K. Kerr and Sons

 A62- O.L. Beater

 A63- A.P. Mitchell Family

 A64- Millet in Bloom

 A65- Marr Family

 A66- East West Millet Rural Fire Co Op

 A68- Millet United Church

 A69- Porto Bello

 A70- Millet Tourism

 A72- Greenslade Fonds

 A73- Millet Girl Guides

 A74- Larch Tree School District

 A75- Hillside School District

 A76- Millet Light Horse Association

 A77- Jean (Harvey) Scott Fonds

 A78- Millet And District Lions Club

 A79- Bert Loader

 A80- Millet Skating Club

 A81- Millet Little Pips Society

 A82- Owen Horlacher

 A83- GrandView School

 A86- Alberta Women's Institute

 A- Newspapers

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