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Tales and Trails of Millet

Tales and Trails of Millet, 1978 is a great resource for Millet History.

Simply click on the images of the books (there are two Volumes), and use the right-hand "Search this Record" option to search for family names, schools, streets, buildings, maps, events, etc. 

                                         Tales & Trails of Millet Vol. I          Tales & Trails of Millet Vol. II

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Millet 1903-2003

Read the story of Millet featuring each decade from 1903-2003 here


Book: From a Signpost in a Slough

About the Author, Jean Scott

Jean Harvey Scott was born five miles southwest of Millet. She attended Hillside School, the Millet High School, the Edmonton Normal School, and the University of Alberta. Upon graduation from Normal School, she taught in the Sparling School east of Millet for two years and in Millet for 25 years.

The late Jean was a charter member of the Millet and District Historical Society and she was the editor of Tales and Trails of Millet. For two years she wrote bi-weekly articles about early Millet in a column called "Museum Memo" in the 'Millet Pipestone Flyer' newspaper.

From a Signpost in a Slough includes information on early Millet, the Millet Post Office, the Millet Hotel, Millet School, Millet's Railways Stations, Community Halls, Barbers, and Shoemakers, the Millet Library, and much more. 

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Available for borrow at the Millet Library.

Millet Veterans

Millet Veteran's are recognized for their service in the Alberta-Northwest Territories Command Military Service Recognition Books from Volume I - Volume IV.

Copies are available at onsite. 

Thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion.

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