Museum Exhibits & Collection

Millet & District Museum

50th Street looking west.
ca 1915, Post card

The Millet and District Museum and Exhibit Room is located on the west side of Highway 2A at the north end of the Town of Millet, which is located about 40 minutes south of the capital of Alberta, Edmonton.

The wheelchair accessible museum presents room displays depicting the one room "Hillside School", the "Tool shed", "John Barth's Barbershop" and "Kenny Kerr's Implement Office" and home settings of a bedroom, living room and kitchen representing the period from 1900-1950.

The NEW stair chair is working beautifully.

The portraits of Millet and District Veterans of World Wars I and II are displayed on the Veterans' Wall upstairs in the museum.

The collection of over 12,800 artifacts from Millet and the thirteen surrounding school districts during the first half of the 20th century. As well the Museum's archives consists of over 50 metre of material created in this time period.