The Millet Museum, Archives, and Visitor Services oversees the following Visitor Services. 

The Visitor Information Centre

The Millet Visitor Information Centre is located in the Millet Museum. Please use the Contact page to get a hold of us or see the Public Hours page to view our hours. 

The Visitor Information Centre is staffed by trained travel counselors. Our staff can provide you with maps, brochures, and experience on local and provincial businesses and attractions. 

The Visit Millet Facebook Page

The Millet Visitor Centre administers the Visit Millet Facebook page. We use this page to post updates on local and provincial events. 

The Mobile Kiosk

Our trained staff take our mobile booth and tent to many different regional events. We meet visitors where they are to provide information, brochures, maps, and experience of various local and provincial attractions, events, and businesses. Look for us at Millet and region events!

The Tourism Directory

Use the buttons on the side of this page to view our Tourism Directory. This Directory provides the names, addresses, phone numbers, and (where applicable) websites of store front businesses and attractions in our region. 

To view a complete list of all licensed businesses in Millet, or to apply for a business license, please see the Town of Millet's Business page.

Millet Interactive Map