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The Millet and District Museum and Archives receive inquiries by conventional mail, telephone, fax and electronic means. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are unable to undertake extensive research requests. If you have a specific question about a particular subject, individual or holding, we will endeavour to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. Please note, however, that response time may be affected by heavy workloads. If you are planning a visit, or have a time sensitive project, please keep this in mind.

If you are sending your inquiry electronically, include your mailing address so we can respond appropriately. If you live in the area, please include your telephone number.

Tips for making an effective inquiry:

  • Ask a specific question. What information are you trying to locate?
  • For inquiries concerning an individual, include identifying details such as full name, dates and places, etc.
  • Mention any other sources you have already consulted, so that we do not duplicate your research or recommend those sources again.
  • Mention any previous correspondence or contact with a staff member of ours you have had. This will prompt us to examine our files and avoid any duplication of research. 


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