Reconsidering Museums Pilot Project

The Millet & District Museum was chosen to be one of six pilot sites for the Alberta Museums Associations Reconsidering Museums pilot project. The goal of this project is to research how the public views museums, what the public wants from museums, and to develop tools and templates for museums of all sizes to use to interact successfully with the public. This project polled people from all over Canada and will be made available across the country. 

How You Can Help 

Millet has been tasked with reviewing two sets of documents; a Letter of Support for municipal funds and a case for support pamphlet template. We are looking for feedback on these documents drafts. 

Some of the types of questions we are asking are: 

  • Is the language accessible?
  • Is the design appealing?
  • Is the content appealing? would you read it? Would it make you consider donating?
  • What specific ways could this content be improved? 

Files to Review:

  1. Municipal Letter of Support 
  2. Case for Support Primer 
  3. Case for Support 

Please email your feedback to, direct message us on Facebook at Visit Millet, call us at 780-387-5558, or visit us at 5120 50St.