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Summer 2021 Guided Walking Tours

Welcoming all Seniors & Families to this summers Guided walking tours! Starting June 23rd through August 28th we will be offering walking tours to those interested in learning more about Millet's history! We will be running tours on Wednesdays at 1:30pm-3:30pm & 6:00pm-8:00pm as well as on Saturdays at 2:30pm-4:30pm. Keep in mind each tour is different and may not take the full two hours to complete. Join us to get outside, get active & learn about the history of Millet along the way! 



Follow the link for an Interactive Historical Map of Millet 

Historical Map


Millet Walking Tour

Stop 1- Millet Fire Wagon located in front of the Museum
The President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Sir William Van Horne, asked Reverend Father Lacombe to name the stations from Lacombe to Edmonton on the Calgary-Edmonton Railway line. Father Lacombe named the village of Millet in 1891 after August Millet, one of Father Lacombe's travelling companions and canoemen, who also worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and Northwest Mounted Police. 

This Historic Walking Tour will take you through some of the points of interest of Millet. Many of the Historic Points of Interest have plaques that give more complete information about the sites.

In order to do the longer tour, which is about 3.3 km, one should set aside about an hour and a half. Most of the walk is done on flat sidewalks or paved paths. There are some areas where there is no sidewalk, or only a shale path. The trail through Pipestone Park includes  a few gentle hills. The main destinations on the Tour can be driven. The Pipestone Trail; however, is walking only.

Take the Accessible Virtual Tour Below, where most pictures were taken in Summer 2009:

Choose Your Stop on the Virtual Millet Historic Walking Tour

#1 Fire Wagon

#11 Fire Hall #21 Community Hall

#2 St. Johns Church

#12 Post Office #22 Amaranth

#3 Church of Jesus...

#13 Millet School #23 Shops

#4 Kilborn Antique

#14 Burger Barn #24 Old Bank

#5 Millet Evangelical...

#15 Legacy Garden #25 Apple Drugs

#6 Outdoor Rink

#16 Leannes Bar & #26 Daisy Lane

#7 Fish & Game

#17 Can. Pacific Railway #27 Pipestone Flyer

#8 Legion

#18 Millet United Church #28 Rose Garden

#9 St. Norbert's...

#19 Lions Hall #29 Burns Creamery Garden

#10 Pipestone Creek

#20 Public Library #30 School Bell Kiosk