019-Millet Lions Hall

Millet Lions Family Hall

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Across the street is the Millet Lions Club house. The building was originally constructed in 1937 for the I.O.O.F. (the Independent Order of Oddfellows). This is an international fraternal organization whose members work for the good of the community and provide a sense of security for those who belong. Because of a lack of members by 1989 the building was sold to the Millet Lions Club for a price of $1. In 1990 the Lions Club renovated the hall and added a gazebo on the south end of the building. Still today, the Lions Club continues to prosper and work for the good of the community.


To the right of the Lions Hall is the library. On the back you'll notice a mural, this one called "We Serve." It was completed in honor of the Lions Club in 2005.

Millet Lions Mural

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