010-Pipestone Creek Park

Pipestone Creek Recreation Park

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Cross 52 Street to find the entrance to Pipestone Creek Recreation Park and the beginning of the Pipestone Park Trail System. The Trail System covers 65 acres and has paved and red shale paths.  There are also several soccer pitches and baseball fields along the trails. 

At the entrance of the Pipestone Recreation Park is the cenotaph, which has been used for numerous years on Remembrance Day for the Legion Wreath Laying Ceremony. The original cenotaph (located at 51 Street and 48 Avenue) was built by Jerry Scott and his father, Harry Scott, in 1980. This cenotaph was recreated in 1997 in its present location.


Further down, you'll see the splash park and gazebo which were added in 2004 for public use. At this point you can continue south down 52 Street towards 45 Avenue, or meander through the Pipestone Trail System, where it will later meet up with 45 Avenue.

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