006-Outdoor Rink

Millet Outdoor Rink

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The Millet and District Historical Society planted the row of trees next to the church in 2000 with a grant from the Community Animation Program to naturalize the area.

West of the church is the Waringstown Garden, which was planted as part of the International Communities in Bloom program in 2002 and 2003. The flowerbed was reproduced from the plan of one in Waringstown, Ireland as a part of a project to twin our town with the Irish city. School age children in both places helped plant the flowers and learned about the opposite city in the process. The Warringstown garden is in the shape of a clover with a rainbow and pot of gold inside. 

The ice rink behind the Waringstown Garden is available for public use, and is frequently visited throughout the wintertime. See the plaque for more information. 



This Area was naturalized through a grant from the Community Animation Program. Funding for the project was provided by Environment Canada and Health Canada. 

Millet and District Historical Society, Communities in Bloom, Millet School, Griffiths Scott School and the Millet Soccer Association planted the trees in 2000.

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