030-School Bell Kiosk

Millet School Bell Kiosk

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From here, cross the Highway heading north of the Museum to the Millet School Bell Kiosk.  See the Plaque for more information.

Millet School Bell Kiosk

School Bell Donations:

Millet and District Lions Club

Millet and District Historical Society

Millet and District Arts and Crafts Guild

Millet and District Chamber of Commerce

Millet and District Senior Citizens

Royal Canadian Legion Millet Branch #229

Joe and Bev Anderson, John and Sarah McBryan, Betty Blade, Jessie Monzo, Elsie Elder, John and Josephine Moonen, Harvey and Lois Ertman, Ted and Dian Okkerse, Howard and Shirley Ertman, Garth and Viola Rudolph, Laurie and Barb Linaker, Marcel van der Wal.

In memory of Al Dakin ( Dee Dakin), Dennis Pydde (Eleanor, Carly, Brynn Pydde), Carl and Margaret Thompson (jeff, Dennis, Pammie, Howard, Arden, Laurie Thompson)

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