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Dee's Pink Steel Gear

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Continue north to 49 Avenue and turn left, crossing Highway 2A. Continue west on 49Ave and in the middle of the block is the Millet United Church. This building was built in 1902 as the Methodist Church. The Methodist Home Mission raised the money for it and volunteers built it. In 2012, the building was sold and no longer conducts services. It is now Dee's Pink Steel Gear & Sporting Goods. See the plaque for more information.

Millet United Church

The Millet United Church was built ca. 1902 and was opened officially in 1903.  At that time it was called the Methodist Church.  In June, 1925 the Canadian Methodist and Presbyterian churches joined and became known as the United Church of Canada.

In 1901 the Methodist Home Mission sent a missionary preacher to Millet named Mr. Frid.  The Tom Aikins Family, who had arrived in Millet from Ontario in 1900, hosted him at their farm just east of Millet (NW 28-24-4).  Mr. Frid was a stone-mason and with the help of volunteers, stones were hauled and the foundation of the church was laid.  Materials were purchased with money from the Methodist Home Mission and volunteers built the church.

In 1948 the church was remodelled.  The tall steeple was removed and a central entrance was built.  The ceiling was lowered and hanging lights were installed.  In the 1980's further changes took place when a hall and a kitchen were added, the entrance enlarged and the main doors moved to the east side of the building. 

This church has served hundreds of congregational families as well as families in the community touched by its outreach programs.

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